Lahugala Kitulana National Park

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Lahugala Kitulana National Park is relatively small compared to other national parks in the island, but it doesn't disappoint you with its wildlife. The park consists of three main water reservoirs Lahugala, Kitulana and Sengamuwa. It is one of the ever green areas in the dry zone, elephants in larger numbers gather around the Lahugala tank to feed them with fresh grass. The park also has various types of birds, mornings are the best to visit.

It is recorded that the park attracts about 150 elephants. There are many other endemic mammals living in the park including sloth bears, fishing cats, and Sri Lankan leopards. 

The park is also home to many bird species. You’d notice white pelicans, purple heroes, Kingfishers within the park. 

When visiting be sure to call the ticketing counters first and arrange a safari jeep, doing this through a hotel will be the easiest.