Weather & Climate

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Sri Lanka is a tropical country with unique dry and wet seasons. Sri Lanka can lay genuine claim to being a year-round holiday destination. Temperatures are fairly constant year round, with coastal regions enjoying average temperatures of 25-30°C and the highlands 15-18°C on average. The coastal areas are both warm with a bit of humidity due to the mixing of the ocean moisture. However, there are certain areas along the coast that are cooled by the ocean breeze.

The Best time to go to Sri Lanka,

  • January - April (Entire Country)
  • Mid-July - September (Entire Country)
  • February - September (North and East)


  • May - July (South-West Monsoon)
  • October - January (North-East Monsoon)


  • January - April (South)
  • May - September (East)
  • Mid-July to September (South)


  • December - April (Bundala National Park - Birds)
    (South Coast - Whales)
  • November - April (Kalpitya - Dolphins)
  • July - September (Minneriya / Kaudulla)
  • January - October (Yala/Wilpattu - Leopards)