COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update
by Shashini Bhagya 4 years ago
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The current Situation

Sri Lanka has so far recorded over 100 corona positive cases, and is in the second period of curfew. What this means is that everyone must stay at home and refrain from traveling, as it is strictly restricted. 

All non-essential businesses - cinemas, bars, restaurants, hotels, theatres, activity centers - have been closed for the second consecutive week, and everyone's requirement is to switch to "Work From Home". Essential services - pharmacies, banks, hospitals etc. remain open, and essential workers - doctors, military personnel, police, farmers, health workers, etc..- are summoned to work, 

All schools, public and private educational institutes, universities and group classes are closed down. All indoor and outdoor events are banned. 

To ensure that everything is in place, the Municipal Councils and the Police island-wide have together arranged door to door food supplies. Several sales and distribution companies are engaged in the delivery of standard vegetable and grocery packs throughout the country sold at nominal rates. 

All the airports and seaports are closed while cargo shipping continues. The online ETA visas have been stopped till further notice.

These measures will remain in place till further notice.  

Officials confirmed that the country is steady at the moment in terms of food stocks, fuel and gas stocks, medicine stocks, etc. 

If you are someone who has travelled and visited Sri Lanka in the last 14 days please register at the nearest police station by ringing them via telephone

If you are too unwell then you can use Suwasariya ambulance service by dialing 1990. 

The Sri Lankan government has taken COVID-19 very seriously and has taken actions timely to prevent it spreading through the island. The military forces - Army, Navy, and Air Force - are working hard on expanding the medical facilities, running the quarantine facilities, and making sure the public is well looked after. All Sri Lankans are expected to remain at home as much as they can and avoid any sorts of gatherings. There are provisions in the constitution to act on people who do not follow the rules and, depending on the severity of the offence, they can be sentenced for an imprisonment up to 6 months along with a fine. 

We made a list of suppliers who can help you at this moment with a wide variety of essentials. With everything going on at the moment, we want you all to stay safe, and face this situation hardy and strong. 

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