12 Ideas to celebrate Sinhala & Hindu New Year (avurudu) while being locked down in 2020

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12 Ideas to celebrate Sinhala & Hindu New Year (avurudu) while being locked down in 2020
by Nadee Kaduruwana 4 years ago
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This is surely the hardest time for many to have faced during our lifetimes. “Covid-19” has shaken many countries, and have taken too many lives. However Sri Lanka has so far done an amazing job, we are still just below 200 cases, and only 7 deaths recorded. We wish as a country we can keep this in control and defeat this nasty virus.

While many of our loved ones work hard to keep the things under control including the armed forces, police, medical officers and everyone connected, various innovators trying to solve problems, we thought of finding ways for the ones who are at homes to celebrate the new year. The best most of us can do is to stay home, and make the processes easy to manage for everyone.


Some games to think of 

1. Batta Paneema (බට්ටා පැනීම)

It's one of the easiest Sri Lankan games to do. All you need is some space, a marker of any sort, a stone, flour, sand, and a small rock or a piece of wood. Adults can take part in it too.

2. Make a swing

This is probably the easiest thing you can do at home. For Sri Lankan’s this is no rocket science to build a swing. All you need is a good strong tree, a rope and pillow. Not only the kids, adults can enjoy it too. Make sure you do this safe though.   

3. Raban Pada (රබන් පද)

It's not the time to go search for a Rabana (one sided drum), however you can improvise one, find a big pan, tin or a pot, or the famous x-ray sheet drums can be used too. Gather around and try out some folk raban pada.
One of the famous : 
උඩ පලගත්ත්තත් වට්ටක්කා
බිම පලගත්ත්තත් වට්ටක්කා
උඩ පලගත්ත්තත් බිම පලගත්ත්තත්
පුංචි පුංචි ගෙඩි වට්ටක්කා

4. Sinhalese Folk Stories

There's a ton of Sinhalese Folk Stories you can share with everyone, most of these can be improvised a bit too. This would be a nice thing to do with your kids, the Maha Dana Mutta (Old Wise Man), Hath Pana (හත් පන) like stories will sure take you to the good old times.

All you need is scraped coconut, sugar, water, a bit of salt, vanilla and colouring, it takes only 15 minutes to make coconut toffees. Try this recipe out .           

2. Aluwa (අලුවා)

Aluwa is also a quick sweet you can make. You only need Rice flour, Sugar, Milk, Butter & Spices. If you have cashew at home it could bring in some flavour as well. Here is a quick recipe.

3. Weli Thalapa (වැලි තලප)

It's another easy one to make, however you’d need treacle either kitul or coconut. You’d only need Rice flour, Scraped coconut, Kitul or coconut treacle, Spices. Try this recipe

4. Kokis

Another easy sweet to do. You only need only Rice flour, coconut milk and sugar. We couldn't think of a substitute for the kokis mold.

Auspicious time ideas

It is one of those crazy times. However we got some ideas for the inauspicious “punya kalaya” (පුණ්‍ය කාලය), and for the auspicious times. 

1. Do religious activities

It’s not a new idea to get on with religious activities in the Sinala & Hindu New Years time. However make it more meaningful this time, by giving out prayers to everyone who is working hard to prevent the virus, wish them to be strong, and bring them safety. Anyone can do this.
Do some meditation, it helps you to relax your mind.

2. Plant a tree

Yeah that's one of the things you can do, plant any sort of a tree big or small watching it grow will give you massive satisfaction. If you don't have a big garden, just use an old pot, a tin or an old jar, plants like green chillies can be grown in these.   

3. Avurudu Ganu Denu

Use knowledge to do the ganu denu. Teach your children new stories, read with them it is one innovative ways of looking at the avurudu ganu denu.
One positive thing about COVID-19 is that it makes us realise that money or power is so fragile and there is more than that to achieve in this lifetime. 

4. Kiri Bath (Milk Rice)

It's undoubtedly the most famous Sri Lankan dish. Gather around with the whole family to make kiri bath at home, and serve with chili paste (ලුණු මිරිස්). No one would say for a good treat of kiri bath.

We at Discover, are sure Sri Lanka will defeat this virus. Sri Lanka has all the experience needed to face a crisis like this, given what we have been through in the past. We are a nation who fought many battles in the recent 500 years. While everyone in the front line is taking greater risks and working very hard we all must support them from just staying home