Surfing in Hikkaduwa

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Sri Lanka surf holidays are right up there as one of our favourite in the world. The country has so much to offer for both the adventure traveller and surfer. Long sandy beaches, fun point breaks and a great mix of accommodation depending on your budget. If you’re looking for that perfect spot where you can surf fun points and lie in a hammock, you’ve found it!

Most of the waves here are very user friendly breaking over flat reefs or sandy points.

Rusty Miller, the then US Champion, first surfed Sri Lanka in 1965 and described the island as a ‘Shangri-La’ for surfers. This is a statement that still holds true for the island, with the South coast being heavily populated by sand and reef breaks in crystal clear waters and white sand beaches fringed by palm trees.

The beauty of Sri Lanka’s surf spots is that it is possible to move away from the main thoroughfare, and find yourself surfing with just sea turtles for company!