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Sri Lanka has numerous places that tempt the adventurous backpacker on a low budget looking out to make for a great backpacking trip to Sri Lanka.

From the Misty Mountains to Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka has some fantastic places where you can unleash your trekking skills. Enthrall in a trip to Haputale that boasts of tea estates and some stunning greenery. Hike through lush-green beauty while enjoying the landscapes comprising of stunning waterfalls and green paddy fields. Hike through rustic little hamlets, following the trail to Matale

Hidden amidst the classy vacation destinations and five-star holiday options lies a certain rarely-explored, low-budget, means of experiencing Sri Lanka’s rich culture and incredible natural heritage through hiking.  These amazing hiking trails offer backpackers and trekkers countless opportunities to immerse in both the nature and culture of Sri Lanka.