Thai Pongal

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Thai Pongal is a phenomenal festival celebrated by Hindus around the globe. It is a harvest festival dedicated to the Sun god as a thank you for the agricultural abundance.

This auspicious day usually falls in the second week of January and lasts for 4 days, though most Sri Lankans only celebrate it for two days. It's a day when friends and families get together, make delicious treats, and tidy and decorate their homes.

A unique aspect of the festival is the the making of the delicious traditional 'Pongal', which is a sweet rice with milk, jaggery, plums, and spices. House entrances are also beautifully decorated with 'kolam', a traditional hand-drawn design made with colored rice flour and other substances.

The cultural significance that spreads across the country on this day is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular Sri Lankan experiences that you should not miss.