Sinhala and Tamil New Year

Shangri-La -

As the entire country is lit up with firecrackers, you know the Sinhala and Tamil New Year has finally arrived. Also known as Avurudu, it is celebrated by Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamils on the 13th and 14th of April, marking the end of the harvest season. During this month, you can hear the beautiful call of the Koha (Asian Koel).

It's the perfect time of the year to discover Sri Lanka's core traditions, from the lighting of the fire and boiling a pot of milk to making delicious Avurudu treats. Tables will be filled with many delectable food such as the traditional Kiri Bath (milk rice), Kavum, Kokis, Asmi and Mung Kavum.

People also gather around to partake in exciting games and other traditional activities, including Kamba Adeema (Tug-of-war), Kana Mutti bindeema (breaking pots), and the Avurudu Kumariya and Kumara contest.