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Pidurutalagala also known as Mount Pedro is the highest peak in Sri Lanka and is ranked 1515 on the list of world’s ultra prominent peaks. The peak records a height of 2,524 meters. Being one of the main communication bases the peak is declared as an ultra-high security zone and guarded by a large military base. However you are allowed to walk up to the first security post. If you have a special permit you will be allowed through but only to drive up, but no stops or no getting out of the car is allowed till you reach the time.

You can obtain a special permission from the Ministry of Defence Sri Lanka to reach the top of the peak. It takes about 2 days to get your permits processed. Be sure to pack your National ID Card or Passport as at the security post you will be asked to provide one of those.

There is a concrete road through the tick jungles leading to the top from the first security checkpoint. The drive is not very hard with a good 4WD.

Views from the top of the mountain are amazing, however if you are planning to go start early in the morning as it gets covered in the mist after noon. Don't forget to take a pair of binoculars and an extra layer of warm clothing. Many travellers prefer to climb during April to June.

The top of the mountain forms a plateau covered with pale green vegetation. During the dry periods the grass turns to brown or yellow making it look like straw, hence it is called Piduru Thala Gala which means “Star Laden Rock” in Sinhalese.