Moon Plains

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Promodhya Abeysekara - Google

Moon Plains offer magnificent views of the surroundings and the nine highest peaks of Sri Lanka including Pidurutalagala, Namunukula, Kirigalpoththa and Thotupola Kanda. It is about 2.4 kilometers away from Nuwara Eliya and you can take a private jeep to the top. If you don't have the energy for its big brothers the Worlds’ End or the Mini Worlds’ End, make sure you don't miss the Moon Plains.

A private jeep from the entrance to the top will be about 2, 500 LKR. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to do the complete trip. If you are keen to walk you can do so, or else take a bicycle to the top. Views of the sunrises are amazing from the top.

If you are keen to see some wild animals book an early trip. You’d come across wild boars, buffaloes, deers etc. It is more popular among locals than foreign visitors, however don’t expect to compare it with the World’s End. Make sure to take a pair of binoculars with you.