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The town of Negombo is situated on the shore of a lagoon which is also called Negombo. An important trading port for both the Dutch and the Portuguese in the years past, it is a beautiful seaside spot of Western Sri Lanka. A short drive from Colombo it offers an amazing palm-lined coastline and the natural beauty of its beach is truly breathtaking,   The Dutch influence is hard to miss in this little town and the old Dutch Fort is still alive with a number of people living in the area.

A visit to the fishing village is enlightening. Fishing is how the city originated and still stands the backbone of the local community. Located on the outskirts of the town, tourists can spend a quiet evening walking through the fishing village and gain an insight into how the villagers make their living

One of the best places to visit in Negombo is the Dutch Fort. The structure of the fort resembles Sri Lanka’s colonial days when it was under Dutch rule. A visit to this fort will reminiscence the memories of how the city was during the Dutch era.

Negombo is a city that is heavily dominated by Christianity and has many churches. One among the top places to visit in Negombo is the St. Mary’s Church. The church is a tall building, grand and lavish in structure. It consists of three levels which can be seen when you are approaching the church from the front.

Negombo beaches and Negombo Beach Park are another enchantment in this city. The sandy beaches and beautiful resorts on the shore make your visit fulfilling. These beaches also offer several water sports for adventure lovers. 

Apart from golden beaches, one of the other attractions in Negombo is the Dutch Clock Tower. Located on top of a small hill, you have to pass the prison entrance to reach the tower. 

The Dutch had a love for canals, and the city of Negombo displays it with all pride. There are canals that extend all the way north to Puttalam and south to Colombo. Tourists can hire a bicycle and ride the paths of the Hamilton Canal thereby enjoying the scenic views of the small villages along the way.

Beach parties are common in Negombo and are fairly easy to find. Hotels, restaurants, and bars often host these events, which often feature dancing and live music.

Negombo is a traditional fishing town in Sri Lanka, it is no wonder the town is a gourmet seafood lover's paradise with crab and lobster the most famous available in plenty.