Whale Watching

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One of the top things you can do while in Mirissa is to take a whale watching tour. Waters around Mirissa is home for many types of whales, including blue whales, the largest animal the planet has ever seen. The boat tours start normally around 7:00 AM in the morning and take about three to five hours. Be sure to check the weather forecast when planning your whale watch tour.

Expeditions over the southern oceans to see these enormous fish is a must do activity while you are in Mirissa. The area is home for many types of whales including blue whales, killer whales, fin whales and sperm whales. The chances of seeing one or many of these types is very high about 90%, and sometimes flying fish makes an appearance as well.  

There are many whale watching tour providers in Mirissa, all starting from the Mirissa harbour. They’d expect you to be there by 6:30AM. If you may require they normally provide sea sick pills too, but better to carry them if you are not sure. Tours normally include breakfast, snacks and tea. 

Best time to go is during November to April where the chances of seeing whales is about 90%.