Weherahena Temple

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Weherahena temple is known for its gigantic Buddha statue and the underground tunnel with paints describing the life of Buddha and Jataka stories. The underground tunnel has thousands of paintings and murals. It is one of the not to be missed attractions if you are in the Matara area.

It was said that the tunnel concept of the temple was inspired by one of the Jataka stories named Ummagga Jatakaya. 

The foundation stone was laid to the temple in 1939 by Anagarika Dharmapala and revivalist writer in Sri Lanka. Construction of the temple was completed in 1976. 

The temple is a no shoes place, and wear appropriately when visiting. There is a very reasonably priced ticket to enter, and be kind to help the guides with a tip. The guides do speak good English and give very detailed descriptions. Check out for the yellow cotton wristbands the monks tie up.