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Located in the Badulla District and situated  4695 feet above sea level Haputale has very rich biodiversity and allows a very beautiful view of the Southern Plains. The town is no doubt one of the spectacular places in Sri Lanka and makes hiking and trekking a great exhilarating exercise. The major attraction of Haputale is the Liptons Seat, Adisham Bungalow and the famous Dambatenna tea factory.

Adisham Bungalow

A Peace seeker’s paradise!  Now a religious house where tranquility lies like a blessing and the grandeur of sweeping mountain vistas takes your breath away, Adisham was originally the country seat of Sir Thomas Villiers.  A short drive from Haputale town will lead you to this absolutely gorgeous place. Adisham is an old-day colonial British bungalow, later converted to a monastery for Benedictine Monks. Adisham St. Benedict’s Monastery occupies an extent of 12 acres of land and the bungalow consists of forty rooms. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty around the monastery garden with lovely flower beds where varieties of beautiful orchids and roses are planted.  The upper side of the monastery is a forest and a bird sanctuary. When you visit this beautiful place, don’t forget to buy some organic products as the Monks together with a few villagers cultivate strawberries, guavas, oranges, and other vegetables. The fruits collected from the orchards are used to manufacture delicious jams, chutneys, and cordials.

Lipton's Seat

The name says it all!  This famous viewpoint is the precise spot in the Haputale Mountains overlooking the Dambetenna Tea Estate where Sir Thomas Lipton used to sit and contemplate his plantation with its stony landscape and green tea bushes.  In good weather conditions, you will witness some incredible panoramic views that you could ever find in the hill-country. Once you get to the summit of Lipton’s Seat, you will have a bird’s eye view of the Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Central and Eastern provinces in the perspective of Thomas Lipton himself. On a clear day, you should be able to spot the Handapanagala Lake, the Chandrika Lake and the Udawalawe Lake as well as the Wedihiti Kanda mountain range and, if you’re lucky, the Hambantota port. Yes, the same one located all the way down south. 

Dambatenna Tea Factory

Located in the misty mountains of Haputale, the Dambatenne Tea Factory is one of the few tea factories in Sri Lanka where it is possible to understand the colonial influence of the British and the complete process of tea making.   Experience a comprehensive tea tour, taking you through the entire process of the making of several types of tea.

This popular tea factory was built in 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton, one of the most famous figures in the history of Tea. 

Lipton Seat and Dambatenne Tea Factory surroundings also provide that stunning view for an  amazing trekking journey through beautiful tea plantations.

Thangamale Bird Sanctuary

Nestled high in the lush green hill country of Sri Lanka, this Bird Sanctuary although one of the lesser-known nature reserves in the country, does not fall short of giving the wildlife adventure thrill seeker a unique experience. Boasting of some of the more endemic and rare birds of Sri Lanka, along with other wildlife, the bird sanctuary serves to be an idyllic setting for the hardcore birder and wildlife enthusiast. Coupled with some of the more serene views of the central highlands draped in a cascade of lush greenery, the sanctuary also serves as the ideal spot for that perfect scenery.