Mamangam Pillaiyar Kovil

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A temple which is believed to be built during the 2nd and 3rd centuries, and constructed at the exact location where Prince Rama offered a handful of rice and made his prayers to Lord Shiva during his search for Princess Seeta. Folklore also believes that the area was named Maamanga-Easwara as the lump of rice offered became a Shiva Lingam.

Folklore also believes that a Dravidian queen named Aadakasavundary from South India ruled the Batticaloa areas during the 2nd and 3rd centuries. The queen was not considered to be beautiful, however when she bathed in the Maamangam river she turned out to be one of the  most beautiful, and afterwards the area was named as Maamangai nathi. The queen used to be a strong devotee to the temple and carried out expansions and renovations. 

It is not known how this shrine got its current name Mamangam Pillaiyar Kovil. Today thousands of devotees visit the temple during the annual festival which takes place in June and July.