Diving, Snorkelling And Surfing

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Sri Lanka is a tropical island known for its stunning beaches, Batticaloa is one of the best towns for diving and snorkeling. The shallow waters with crystal clear sights of the sea floor gives you memorable snorkelling experiences.

Batticaloa stands out as one of the best places to dive because of its massive coral reefs, and the HMS Hermes (95), a British aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy and world's first ship designed to carry aircrafts which was sunk near Batticaloa by Japanese aircrafts in 9th April 1942 during the World War II. 

Sri Lanka is one of the top locations to spot Blue Whales, the largest mammals on earth, and Sperm Whales. Eastern coast is a place where these gigantic fish can be seen, and snorkelling cannot be better than in the Batticaloa waters. 

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