Batticaloa Lighthouse

  • 24 - Wikimedia

This stunning lighthouse stands at the end of a sandbar where the lagoon meets the ocean. The 28 meter tall lighthouse was built in 1913 during the British era, and now is a popular tourist attraction. The lighthouse has 5 windows and an observatory deck at the top.

Locals call this the “Muttuwaran lighthouse”, which means where the lagoon meets the sea in Tamil. The road towards the lighthouse is named “Bar Road” as it is one strip of a sandbar which stands between the lagoon and the ocean. The lighthouse is just 5 Kms away from the Batticaloa town, as it is a popular tourist attraction most weekends gets very crowded, and it is best to avoid weekends. You can take a boat ride in the surrounding waters through the lagoon which gives scenic views in the pre-sunset.

Boat rides can be done from 8AM to 7PM.