Narangala Mountains

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Darshana Dimuthu - Google

Narangala is the third highest peak in Uva Province, and is an easier hike compared to its big brothers Pidurutalagala or Namunukula. The top of the massif is covered with golden brown grass, making it perfect for relaxing and camping. The whole hike takes about 6 hours. Yours reward is the magnificent views of Uma Oya, Badulu Oya, Loggal Oya, Namunukula Mountains, Passara, Madulsima.

The trail starts from the Thangamale tea Estate of Haputale. You can drive up to the Hindu shrine and then start hiking upwards through the trails. Locals who work at the tea plantation will help you with the directions. Walk up till you find a large pipeline which supplies water to the estate. Follow the pipeline to the top, till you reach a gravel road and follow through the road till you reach the top of the massif. The roads are easy to follow, however be careful with the steep slopes.

You’d know when you reach the top where there is golden brown grass and plenty of plain grounds perfect to set your camps. Be sure to wake up early in the morning to see the beautiful views of the sunrise.

Equip yourself with water, snacks, leech and mosquito protection, binoculars, cameras and an extra layer of warm cloths.