Kataragama Devalaya

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It is believed that Kataragama Devalaya in Badulla was built and dedicated to Kataragama Deviyo during the 17th-century by King Vimaladharmasuriya I of Kandy. The shrine consists of an image house, throne, adobe used by priests, moonstone, many wood carvings and Kandyan style wall paintings.

King Vimaladharmasuriya I was also known as Konappu Bandara, and known for leading two successful battles Campaign of Danthure in 1594 and Battle of Balana in 1602 against the Portugese. In 1594 he married Princess Kusumasana Devi also known as Dona Catherina who was regarded as the rightful claimant to the throne which made him the King of Kandy. He was originally is Christian but renounced his Christianity and embraced Buddhism and continued to build a two storied shrine to accommodate the sacred tooth relic. However he didn't get to rule for long and had to die in 1604.

By August 1630 under the leadership of General Constantino de Sa the Portugese managed to take control over Badulla, and destroyed the entire city including cultivations, rice stalks, cattle and the Kataragama shrine. When King Rajasinghe II gained power in 1635, he supported and restored the shrine.

The temple is located just behind the Badulla main post office and can be accessed from the Devala Veediya.