Bambarakanda Falls

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Himantha Alahakoon - Google

A single drop waterfall gushing waters of the Kuda Oya from a 263 meter high rock cliff. It is ranked as the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the 299th tallest in the world. The waterfall can be accessed from the Badulla-Colombo main road, there is a road signposted leading up to Ohiya from Kalupahana Junction. The narrow concrete road provides amazing views of the surrounding hills.

You can either walk or drive up to the ticket counter. The concrete road is a bit narrow and a 4WD would make it there easily. From the ticket counter there is a trail running through a pine forest which leads to the viewpoint of the waterfall. You can get closer to the foot of the waterfall which is about 4 feet deep, and can bathe safely. Waters of the fall get connected to the Walawe River.

If you leave early in the morning you will get enough time to hike to the top of the waterfall. From the top you’d see four levels of the cascading waterfall.