Peace Pagoda

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Ravindu Kumaragamage - Google

A magnificent monument built in the name of world’s peace, Amapara Peace Pagoda is a unique structure encircled within a colonnade carrying rings of smaller stupas.

After massive destruction and violences caused by World War II, Japanese Buddhist monk Nichidatsu Fujii maha thero decided to construct peace monuments to promote non-violence and world peace among nations. He built five peace pagodas in Sri Lanka, and the Ampara peace pagoda is one of them.

The Mahayana style pagoda demonstrates Japanese culture and traditions, time to time Japanese monks visit the temple and reside. You’d see amazing Buddha statues, japanese drums and will also get to do some drum beating while you visit.

The pagoda is located 4 kilometers away from the town, heading towards Inginiyagala along the DS Senanayake road from the Ampara Clock Tower.