Heenanigala Raja Maha Vihara

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Samantha Weerasinghe - Google

A magnificent temple built on a rocky plateau protected with retaining walls made of stone slabs consists of ruins of a stupa, shrine, bodhigara and a preaching hall. It was believed that this temple was built by King Kavan Tissa of Rohana Rata during 3rd-century BC. Later his son prince Dutugemunu used it as an assembling point for his troops while preparing to battle against the Cola invader Elara.

The temple has ruins of a Buddha statue which is about 5 feet tall and carved out of a rock surrounded by ruins of a small image house. There is also a pond which is about 9 feet deep known as “Kalu Diya Pokuna”, not to be missed with the one in Mihintale. There have been discoveries made of about twenty four rock inscriptions. The balusters found here records as the largest found in Sri Lanka recording a height of 5 feets and decorated with dragon faces. Among the ruins there is a massive drip ledged cave measuring 95 feet long.