Top dishes you must try in Sri Lanka

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Top dishes you must try in Sri Lanka
by Shashini Bhagya 15 months ago
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If there is one thing that you should know about Sri Lanka, it is that this island is not only known for its breathtaking beauty, but also for its magnificent food. Try and tick off the list of must-try 06 dishes that you must absolutely have while in Sri Lanka. You won’t be sorry!

1. Rice and curry

It is not easy to avoid rice and curry while you are visiting Sri Lanka – after all, it is called the land of rice and curry for a reason. Rice is often offered at every meal, consisting of a generous heaping of rice surrounded by as many of 4-8 curries at a time, all prepared using a variety of methods, a curious blend of spices all based in the ancient healing ritual of Ayurveda.


2. Kottu roti

The Kottu roti of Sri Lanka can be heard as well as tasted. Along the streets of this island one often hears the musical clanking of metal plates often to the rhythm of a popular Sinhala or Tamil song. This enigmatic mix of roti, a semi-crispy flatbread chopped into pieces is mixed with various vegetables, gravy and often chicken, fish or egg to make this signature Sri Lankan dish.

3. Hoppers

This is Sri Lanka’s answer to crepes. Only crispier and bowl shaped. The batter for hoppers is made from a slightly fermented concoction of rice flour, coconut milk and a touch of salt which is then swirled around a circular wok and cooked to a crisp. Sometimes an egg is cracked into the middle and sprinkled with salt and pepper to make the egg hopper. This is often served with lunu miris, a fiery blend of red chilies, onion, salt and lime.

4. Kiribath

Essentially a breakfast dish, kiribath which loosely translates to milk rice is a rice dish that has been boiled in thick coconut milk. It is also a celebratory dish that is eaten on New Year and to mark other auspicious occasions such as new beginnings and victories of all kinds. The toasty milkiness of the coconut milk is what gives kiribath its unique flavor. This is often served with lunu miris, jaggery or bananas although many often pair it with various curries such as chicken or dhal curry.

5. Pol sambol

The pol sambol is ubiquitously Sri Lankan and is a favorite in this island nation. Freshly grated coconut is ground together with red chili, sometimes the fiery birds eye chili, onion and salt and is finished with a squeeze of the lime. We Sri Lankans like our pol sambol with everything – be it rice, bread, roti, string hoppers or hoppers, pol sambol adds that extra spicy kick that our Sri Lankan palate crave for.

6. Pol roti

Coconut is a way of life for us Sri Lankans and we use coconut in everything. The pol roti is a lovely mix of freshly grated coconut, wheat flour, salt and sometimes chopped onions and green chili which is then flattened into small round disks and dry-fried on a hot plate. This is often a breakfast dish but is also a wonderful snack along with a cup of sweetened plain tea. Pol roti is often served with lunu miris, a mix of onions, chili and salt but you can choose your preferred mix of curries to go along with it as well.