Re-opening doors to Sri Lanka

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Re-opening doors to Sri Lanka
by Sashini Liyanage 23 months ago

After 10 long months of shutting airports, Sri Lanka has finally opened its borders by welcoming tourists back to the paradise island. The authorities have executed a set of safety guidelines and precautionary measures to ensure a safe, secure and serene excursion during your stay. Check out the COVID-19 protocols listed below as you make way to an exciting getaway!

Tourists are required to accommodate in a Level 1 'Safe & Secure' Certified Hotel during the initial 14 days of your visit. In addition to all the hotel's facilities made available during this period, the hotel will also comply with the COVID-19 Health Protocols and the Tourism Operational Guidelines to ensure your safety. If you wish to change your hotel, you can choose any other Level 1 'Safe & Secure' Certified Hotel.

Find the unique QR code displayed at any of these hotels to obtain additional information about the certified establishments and service providers, and give your feedback on the health protocols implemented.

There is no minimum limit on the stay period. Tourists can visit any approved destination around the country under the safety of the bio-bubble during the 14-day period. Afterwards, they will be permitted to check-out of the hotel and interact with the community, under the circumstance that the PCR test results are negative.

As always, ensure to maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters at all times, while not forgetting to sanitize or wash your hands with soap frequently. Wearing masks in public places is mandatory, and opt for self-checkouts, and contactless payments when possible. Travelers are also requested to use public transport at its minimum. 


Steps to follow when applying for Visa:

If you are thinking of visiting Sri Lanka, these are the steps you should follow when planning your itinerary;

  • Confirm your booking at a Level 1 'Safe & Secure' Certified Hotel.
  • Obtain a COVID-19 local Travel Insurance Cover at USD 12 for a policy of USD 50,000 for a period of one month.
  • Pre-purchase PCR Tests depending on your stay period, at USD 40 per PCR test.
  • Once the above 3 steps have been followed, your hotel will issue a reference number which can be used for visa processing.
  • Apply for Visa online through
  • The mobile app 'Visit Sri Lanka' should be downloaded from Play Store or App Store for coordination and traceability purposes. This app is included in your online Visa application form.


Precautionary measures taken at the airport

Bandaranaike International Airport is accredited as a safe airport as per the ACI airport health accreditation program. Tourists are required to submit a Health Declaration Form at the airport.

The following mandatory documents will be inspected by the immigration officers;

  • PCR report
  • Travel/Stay details
  • Travel Insurance
  • Health counter clearance note
  • Relevant personal details


PCR Testing

Tourists are required to have a negative PCR test result taken 96 hours prior to their flight.

Upon arrival, the first PCR test will be carried out at your hotel before checking-in. The second PCR test will be followed after 5-7 days of the initial one, or if any symptoms are developed beforehand.

In the case of a positive PCR test result, the patient will either remain at the hotel for initial isolation, transferred to a private hospital or designated hotel to be quarantined, depending on the situation. The costs will be covered via your COVID-19 Insurance Cover.


Ensure all safety protocols are adhered to in keeping you secure throughout your exciting stay in Sri Lanka. If you require any additional support, please contact the Sri Lanka Tourism hotline on 1912. Click here for more contact details. We hope to see you soon!