How should I prepare for my Sri Lankan visit

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How should I prepare for my Sri Lankan visit
by Shashini Bhagya 16 months ago
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The tiny little island just beneath India has been the object of curiosity for travelers around the world for a while now. The golden beaches lie just hours away from the green rolling hills while its thick rain forests are teeming with wildlife that you’ve only dreamt of encountering in your wildest dreams. If you are thinking of visiting this island, it’s better to go informed as this little piece of paradise holds much to offer to the discerning traveler. And right here are our top 10 travel tips if you are preparing to visit Sri Lanka.

1. Do your research on things to do

Don’t let its size fool you. Although small, Sri Lanka has so much on offer and rest assured it has something for everyone. So do your research before you go and make a list of the things you want to do.
You don’t want to miss out on anything now, do you?

2. Check the weather

Although the country boats of sunshine all year round, it also has two monsoon periods. So if you are planning specific activities like surfing, whale watching, etc, do watch out for the best times of the year to visit each part of the country.

3. Be prepared for the sun

Sunscreen, shades and plenty of hydration. Also hats and shawls would help protect you from the glare.

4. Take appropriate clothing

Cover yourself sufficiently when entering religious places. A shawl would work most of the time to cover your shoulders and legs. Also since the temperature mostly varies between 26 – 32 C, take light cotton clothes that are comfortable to wear.

5. Prepare to carry cash

From tuk tuks, public transport to restaurants, a lot of things run on cash here. Although there are ATM machines at all key cities, be prepared to carry around a stash of at any given time.

6. Be prepared for spicy food

Sri Lanka has some of the most interesting cuisines in the world so you’d be missing out on a lot if you don’t try them out. Expect a little heat and a whole lot of flavor. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Research on local customs

Little things like using the right hand for eating, removing head gear while entering religious places, never taking photos while having your back to Buddha statues matter.

8. Be mindful of the drinking water

Tap water in Sri Lanka isn’t generally safe to drink. So always resort to bottle water. Or you can always carry your own water purification bottle which will make things easy for you.

9. Get yourself a travel insurance

This is a great idea wherever you may travel. Get something that has your basic medical coverage, lost/stolen goods, flight cancellations, electronic breaks, etc and you will feel more at ease.

10. Get your travel visa sorted

It’s always cheaper and more convenient getting your visa prior to arrival. This is much more hassle-free than attempting visa on arrival.