5 must pack items when visiting Sri Lanka

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5 must pack items when visiting Sri Lanka
by Shashini Bhagya 14 months ago
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Consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you are headed towards this little piece of paradise. Sri Lanka
is home to a magnificent heritage, breathtaking wildlife, marvelous landscapes and also, a warm,
tropical weather with sunshine all year round. But what do you pack when you go? Here are a few
pointers to get you moving.

1. Light, cotton clothing

The temperature here varies between 26 - 32C. This means it’s going to be pretty hot. Light, absorbent
fabrics like cotton and linen works perfectly for the weather helping to keep you cool throughout.
Also, walking into religious sites such as temples would require both males and females to cover their
shoulders and legs prior to entering. So remember to pack an extra shawl or two, a long cloth to tie
around the waist as and when required.

2. Mosquito Repellent

If you are planning on exploring the great outdoors, a mosquito repellent is a must. Sri Lanka is a tropical
country and like all tropical countries, mosquitoes are found in plenty here. So instead of swatting your
way throughout the journey, carrying around a mosquito repellent would prove to be of utmost relief to
you. You can even consider an all natural mosquito repellent like citronella oil for the purpose.

3. Sunscreen, shades, hats

Sri Lanka is world renowned for its golden beaches it will be an absolute pity for you to leave this
paradise island without exploring its magnificent sandy stretch. What adds to the charm is the fact that
Sri Lanka also guarantees you sunshine all year round. The sun would get a little intense though at times
which is why you must dab on your sunscreen at all times even when you are simply going out for a
stroll in the neighborhood. Shades and hats also help when the glare gets a little too hard to bear.

4. Rain jacket/Umbrella

Sri Lanka being a tropical country also would have spots of showers here and there every now and then.
If you are headed out to explore the rain forests especially, expect to get a little wet. Having a rain jacket
or an umbrella at hand is helpful in shielding yourself from the wet weather wherever you go. If the
chunky umbrella is too inconvenient for you, get yourself one of those handy umbrellas that fold into a
convenient size for you to simply stuff it into your bag and forget all about it.

5. Worldwide power adaptor

There is nothing worse than having to go hunt for compatible power adapters when you would rather
spend that time climbing a mountain or exploring a cave complex in Sri Lanka. Avoid the inconvenience

by getting yourself a worldwide power adapter which will prove itself a supremely worthwhile
investment not just while travelling in Sri Lanka, but for travelling elsewhere as well.