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Shopping in Sri Lanka can take many forms - from haggling with a handicraft-seller while sunbathing on the beach to  choosing fruit from the traditional village store, or enjoying the ambiance of a luxurious shopping center in Colombo. When it comes to shopping, there’s a lot more to Sri Lanka than merely Ceylon Tea. There are great shopping malls in Colombo that help you pick up some truly memorable souvenirs.

Some of the most famous shopping malls are Majestic City, Liberty Plaza, Marino Mall and Odel, which is Sri Lanka’s best-known branded garment factory outlet. All these are classy departmental stores that feature clothing, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, homeware, toiletries, and a whole lot more including cafes, restaurants and juice bars, where you can shop, dine and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience! 

The handmade artifacts of the Barefoot Gallery in Colombo are adorned with vibrant and artistic designs. Toys, notebooks bound in handloom fabrics, hand-painted wooden boxes, tote bags, 100% cotton clothes, costume jewelry and bed linen are all available here.

Sri Lanka offers a wide range of shopping items, with gems, batik, tea, and handicrafts being among the most recognized. The most popular items among tourists are handloom fabrics, leather products, reproduction antiques, jewelry and ceramics. 

While Ratnapura is renowned for its gems, such as blue sapphires, Galle is known for antiques and lace. You can also pick up items of cane and reed, brass artifacts, wood carvings and Batiks at Bentota and Beruwala.

Laksala, the state owned gift and souvenir boutique, has the widest range of Sri Lankan handicrafts, tea, gems and other items at fair prices, at conveniently located island-wide stopovers. Witness the enthralling blend of meticulously handcrafted designs, specially sorted and packed tea and spices, a special collection of traditionally mined and cut gems, and a vast array of patiently handmade jewelry.