Wasgamuwa National Park

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Wasgamuwa National Park derives its name from Walasa, meaning sloth bear, and Gamuwa, meaning wood, as it used to be inhabited with multiple sloth bears. Sri Lankan Elephants are the most commonly found, with more than 150 elephants residing in the park. Do be careful as these wild elephants are untamed and have limited exposure to safari jeeps, unlike in other national parks in Sri Lanka.

With 17 species of fish, 50 species of butterflies, and 23 species of mammals, such as leopards, fishing cats, sambar deer, spotted deer, rusty spotted cat, sloth bears, golden jackal, and water buffalos, Wasgamuwa National Park is certainly a biodiversity hotspot that wildlife enthusiasts should not miss. The park is also insanely popular for its 1700 year old Tamarind tree.

Wasgamuwa National Park is situated 225 kilometers from Colombo, and is open all-year round. However, the best time to visit is from January to March.