The Beach Camp Yala

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The Beach Camp Yala

Enjoy the picturesque settings of the serene landscape that will capture your heart at a glance. The Beach Camp, Yala is ready to expedite your desires on wildlife camping at our best.

Consisting of a diversely professional team of nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, we at The Beach Camp, Yala assure you with all the comforts and the best of services during your stay. Our camp boasts the three largest luxury tents in Sri Lanka, which are well equipped to meet your every camping need. However, despite this luxury, the antiquity of the mahogany furniture brings about a wave of reminiscence into the depths of our cultural heritage. 
With the famous Yala and Bundala National Parks at its closest proximity, our guests are struck with thrill from day one of their stay. Greeted by the rising sun above the horizon of the majestic Kirinda Beach, the wakeup call of the morning birds and the melodies of the crashing waves are undeniably magical. A steaming hot cup of low country tea or island coffee, awaits you at your doorstep to activate your muscles for a wonderful day ahead. To entertain a safe, informative and a thrilling expedition, our team of professionals will be ready at your ease and assures to keep you as close to nature as possible.

Observing the serenity from the game rides and safari, to bird watching, diving and fishing, the whole experience of a safari will just be redefined. Time is of independence since there are no limits to observing wildlife. However, it is often advisable to leave the parks at dusk to avoid thrilling experiences to turn into horrific tragedies with our idling wild ‘buddies’.
Settle into the dusk at The Beach Camp, Yala and relish its uniquely exotic cuisine amidst the panorama of the Indian Ocean. A long day could just be wound up with a juicy seafood platter and a mojito to quench the thirst. Friendly company with our professionals would take you on another mental expedition into the deep history that lies beneath the story of Yala and its wildlife. As the stars shine bright above the sky, let the symphony of the jungle melodies take you into your world of dreams.

Important Notice
Check-in time - 02.00 pm
Check-out time - 12.00 pm