Ruins Chaaya Hotel

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Ruins Chaaya Hotel

Mr. Ajith Priyantha, a leading businessman in the present day, working with integrity, illustrates his vision by raising pillars that boast the heritage of Polonnaruwa on an unshakable foundation akin to that of the “Ruin City”, and completing it as a fortress surrounded by pure greenery that echo the sounds of peace and tranquility as it once did in the 12th century. He named his vision “Ruins Chaya”-shadow of the ruins left behind by the great kings who once ruled the Island of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Ajith Priyantha is stern on providing the best hospitality through “Ruins Chaaya” to contribute to the growing industry of tourism and hospitality in Sri Lanka. Comprising of 12 rooms, Luxury restaurant and a banquet hall able to accommodate 350 guests. Anyone who wishes to relax amidst the cool breeze from the green paddy fields, the swaying trees and the gently flowing ripples of the Parakkrama Samdraya Lake will certainly be gratified with “Ruins Chaaya”. A well-trained staff, ever ready to be at service will ensure and prioritize each guest’s stay to be comfortable and exceed their expectations.

Important Notice

Check In: 1400 - 0000 Hours

Check Out: 0000 - 1000 Hours