Pearls Home Tours - Sri Lanka

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Pearls Home Tours - Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans are well known to be the friendliest and warm hearted people who will treat visitors with utmost respect & with honour. We as the team of Visit Pearl’s Home Sri Lanka strives to provide the visitors to Sri Lanka the best experience ever had in their lives with a “Style of true Sri Lankan Hospitality”. If anyone would ask me to describe the people of my country I shall, in no uncertainty, humbly and compassionately mention that the most humane and beautiful warm hearted beings are the Sri Lankans. I say so, not because I am a Sri Lankan, but quoting the experience of the British born sea captain, trader, writer Robert Knox (8 February 1641 – 19 June 1720) who during his visit to Sri Lanka wrote the manuscript of An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon, an account of his experiences on Ceylon, which was published in 1681.

We are happy to announce that, as the team of professionals of Visit Pearl’s Home Sri Lanka, are committed to provide our clients the best services during the stay in the Island. The guaranteed security, safety & comfort during the stay, travel and the best selected localities will enable you to sense the beauty of Sri Lanka.

We have a fleet of most modern luxury cars to maintain high standards of care, comfort & safety. We also have packages of comfortable Star Class Hotel accommodation. You may also enjoy the variety of tasty cuisines that these hotels offer to their clientele.