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Renowned for its national park, Udawalawe – a small town located approximately 200 km south-east of Sri Lanka is an attraction a wildlife enthusiast cannot afford to miss. Offering you sights of majestic elephants, water buffalo, spotted deer, sambur, wild boar, jackals and more, the national park is home to a number of rare and endemic mammals, reptiles and plant species.

In addition, the park is a paradise for bird watchers, presenting views of a range of colorful birds in their natural habitat. Go on a safari exploring the wildlife of Udawalwe and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness.

Another highlight of Udawalawe is the Elephant Transit Home (ETH) that takes care of orphaned elephant calves – until they are independent and able enough to be released back to the wild. Situated in the western border of  Udawalawe National Park, ETH is adjacent to the “Udawalawe reservoir”. The elephant calves have no boundaries in the area and have the freedom to roam about.  

Feeding times at the  Transit Home is a lively activity.  Feeding the calves with milk happens every three hours and public viewing of the feeding is permitted daily.