Polonnaruwa Archaeological Museum

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The Archaeological Museum of Polonnaruwa exhibits some amazing ancient artifacts including surgical instruments, bronze statues, and models of the ancient building. A visit to the museum prior to visiting the ancient city will give you a better sense of the kingdom of Polonnaruwa.

The museum follows a layout mirroring the sections of the ancient city with rooms dedicated to the citadel, the outer city, the monastery area and Hindu monuments. Artifacts of the surgical instruments section surprisingly resemble some of the modern day surgical instruments. There are outstanding collections of bronze statues discovered during  archaeological excavations carried out at the Shiva shrines. The models of the monastic hospital and the palace of King Parakramabahu I will help you picture what the ancient city used to look like during its time. 

It is a must visit place while visiting Polonnaruwa, may be pay a visit during the day and plan the evening to visit the ancient city.