Palace of Parakramabahu / Weijantha Prasadaya

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A magnificent construction during its day, Vaijayanthi Prasadaya is the seven storied palace built by King Parakramabahu I in the 12th-century. Records of Culavamsa suggest that the palace had a thousand chambers. Holes of the front facade suggest that there have been beams of the two adjacent floors, the rest of the building might have been made of wood.

The palace is regarded as one of the best creations of Parakramabahu which speaks for his vision. 

Inside the palace are remains of a staircase which led to the upper floors, there are ruins of lavatories, and toilet pits. The palace is square shaped with each side measuring at 45 meters. There are many other surrounding buildings near the palace which are believed to be stores, houses used by ministers and barracks used by soldiers. The interior walls have remains of painted limestone plasters with various shapes painted on them. 

In the middle are some collapsed melted parts of the palace which suggests that it may have been destroyed by fire.