Manik Vehera

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A stupa built on a raised rectangular pavilion guarded by red-brick walls, with steps leading to a stone carved door frame to enter the pavilion this 8th-century monument is regarded as a rare type. The decorative terra-cotta lion tiles and the guard stones adds more architectural value to the stupa.

With the recent archeological excavations it has been identified that the Manik Vehera once has been a monastic complex occupied by many Buddhist Bhikkus. Excavations have unearthed ruins of ancient image houses, a hospital complex, and an alms hall. 

The age of the stupa suggests that it might have been built during the Anuradhapura era, however Manik Vehera is the oldest monastic complex in Polonnaruwa. It hasn’t been identified who built this complex or the original name of the complex.