World’s End

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World’s End is known for its sheer steep escarpment which is about 4000 feet deep. Usually covered in the misty weather at World’s End changes very quickly, it could be perfectly clear for a moment and the next moment could become gloomy and misty. It is a must visit place in Horton Plains, but be extra cautious when visiting especially if you have kids as you get closer to the edge of the cliff. Try to get to the top as early as you could between 6AM to 8AM, about 9 AM it gets covered with a curtain of white clouds. It's super cold there during mornings, so bring some extra warm clothes.

It is called the World’s End for the sheer steepness, you’d literally see nothing or just the faraway horizon from the cliff edge. That view is the main reason for many people to climb up there.

It's ideal to hire a guide when visiting, there are many freelance guides in the area or ask for your hotel to connect one. A lot of them are very knowledgeable of the trails and the flora & fauna and will provide you with informative explanations. By hiring a guide you are also in safer hands in the thick jungles.

The total walk would be about 9.5 to 10 kilometers, its 4 kilometers to the World's End, then 2 kilometers to the Baker’s Falls and another 3.5 kilometers to return back. Carry out some extra water, snacks and wear some comfortable walking shoes. Many hotels in the area prepare take-away breakfast packs. Reward yourself by taking a pair of binoculars with you.

If you’ve got some extra energy there is another relatively smaller steep called Mini World’s end, not to be confused with the one in Knuckles. It is about a kilometer away from the Worlds’ End and the drop is about 3000 feets. On a clear day you will be able to see the Indian Ocean which is about 85 kilometers to the sound.