Kande-Ela Reservoir

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Pradeep Rajapaksha - Google

It's a perfect small place to stop by for a couple of hours on your way from Nuwara Eliya to Ambewela. You can take a boat ride in the cold climes to the opposite side of the lake where you can do camping or have BBQ parties. The calm surroundings also is home to many birds making it more interesting.

The reservoir was built in 1947 and opened in 1950 by Sri Lanka’s first Prime Minister D.S Senanayake. Waters of the reservoir are used to supply drinking water to the Meepilimana area.

In order to keep the water clean the reservoir is not allowed for motor boats, however you can take a paddle boat or have larger rowing boats which can take about 6 to 7 people. You’d enjoy helping to row the boat through the waters. You can get the boats to drop you at the opposite end and ask them to come back to take you, so you can have the time for yourself and relax. Take an extra layer of warm clothes to survive the cold weather. The opposite side is perfect for private BBQ parties.