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One of the finest natural harbors the world has to offer, Trincomalee lies on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The entire city rests on a Peninsula which separates the inner and outer harbors. A visit to the exotic beaches of Uppuveli and Nilaveli is an essential component of  Trincomalee travel.

The Trincomalee hot springs are certainly worth a visit. A high wall provides an enclosure to the 7 natural hot wells. The water is mildly hot but can be touched.

Occupying pride of place close to one of Trincomalee’s most famous religious landmarks,  Lover’s Leap is no ordinary tourist hotspot near the Koneswaram Hindu Temple. Frequented by visitors, the iconic rock is connected with a legend that earned its unique name. The story according to the inscriptions on a column on Swami Rock tells the harrowing love story of Francina van Reed.

Built, in the 1600s, Ford Frederick is a colonial fort built by the Portuguese in the Trincomalee Town. The Fort houses within it, the Koneswaram Temple, yet another attraction in this area. Captured by a Dutch fleet, the Fort was re-created, to defend against any threats from the British and the French.   Currently, it is manned by the Sri Lankan Army and is an alluring tourist destination depicting the footprints left behind by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British.

Popularly known to be one of the best beaches in Asia, the Nilaveli Beach, Trincomalee, is a stretch of shore-land, with swathes of crystal white sands, tenderly meeting the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. While Nilaveli is an ideal place to experience plain and simple tranquility, Uppuveli beach too is just great all around. Sea bathing and sunbathing are some of the most popular things to do in Nilaveli as the seemingly endless stretch of pristine white sand makes it an ideal setting to lie down in the sun and do nothing.

Definitely a swiftly booming tourist attraction and one of the main travel destinations in Sri Lanka that is worth a visit, snorkeling in Sri Lanka would be incomplete if the coastal resort town of Nilaveli would not make its name into the equation.  So if you opt for some serious snorkeling in Sri Lanka, then Pigeon Island is the place. Pigeon Island also happens to accommodate one of the main marine national parks in the country currently. Travel to Pigeon Island is only a 15-minute boat ride.  A section of the island is ornate with clusters of coral reef and bordered by crystal clear waters.