Yudaganawa Temple

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A massive stupa with a circumference of 317 meters built in the 2nd-century BC. The stupa is in a ruined state and only a third of the stupa can be seen now, however one can imagine the magnificent state it must have looked back in its day. Located in Buttala Yudaganawa is a must visit place to experience the great powers and engineering of ancient Sri Lanka.

According to Rajavaliya, an ancient chronicle of Sri Lanka, after the death of King Kavan Tissa Prince Gemune from Kotmale had sent messages to his brother Saddatissa to hand over the throne and the tusker to him. Saddatissa refused. As a result Prince Gemunu with an army of thirty thousand soldiers declared war against Saddatissa.  Yudaganawa was their battle ground. Prince Saddatissa lost the battle and fled over to Dematamal Viharaya to take refuge. Their mother, great Queen Viharamahadevi was saddened by her sons battling against each other, and wanted them to make amends and make peace. Obeying their mother both Gemunu and Saddatissa built this massive stupa. 

It was first believed that Yudaganawa is a “Kota Vehera”, a small stupa built on a larger stupa shaped foundation. However recent archaeological excavations have revealed that it is once a complete Stupa. 

At the entrance there is a small temple believed to be built on the 7th-century housing old wooden Buddha statues and amazing paintings.