Weheragala Water Reservoir

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A recently built reservoir in the Yala Block 5, Weheragala is an amazing place to take photos. The views over the waters are stunning. Safari jeeps which enter from the Gal-Ge entrance to Yala drive on this Weheragala Dam, and stop for photos and walks near the six spill gates.

Weheragala revarior was built by damming the waters of Manik Ganga. The reservoir has the capacity to hold 75 million cubic meters of water. It is built to supply water to the Hambantota area and 4100 hectares of paddy fields in the surroundings. The dam is 23 meters tall and about 2 kilometers long. The reservoir also supplies water to five waterholes in the Yala National Park where lots of wild animals fulfill their water requirements. Many agree that this reservoir has been a great addition to preserve the wildlife in the Yala National Park.  

The rest of the water is carried over to Lunugamwehera reservoir by a canal.