Wedihiti Kanda

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Wedihiti Kanda is a small shrine dedicated to God Kataragama or Kataragama Deviyo situated on a 2500 feet high rocky mountain. On the top of a hill is a small stupa, bodhi tree and newly built shrines provisioning panoramic views of the surroundings including Sithulpawwa and Yala. It takes about an hour to climb up the mountain, however the steps are not that hard to get on with.

It is believed that Kataragama Deviyo in a previous birth was born as a warrior King named Masahena during the times of Buddha. When the Buddha visited Sri Lanka for the 3rd time King Mahasena became a follower of Buddhism. When time came us King Mahasena handed over his kingdom and retired on to this mountain and spent the rest of his life meditating in a hermitage. 

However there is no recorded history uncovered of the Wedihiti Kanda other than these beliefs. It is best to start climbing the mountain in the evenings to avoid the sun.