Sella Kataragama

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Sella Kataragama is a shrine dedicated to the God Ganesh, God of Wisdom, the restored son of Parvati and Shiva, and brother to God Kataragama. The colorful shrine is built in the banks of Manik Ganga (River). The kovil has a statue of a mouse, shrew or a rat which is believed to be the vehicle of God Ganesha.

God Ganesha is one of the significant gods in Hindu religion. He has got asing tusk  face of an elephant with a curved trunk. The god is highly regarded among both Hindus and Buddhists, many devotees of the Kataragama temple visit Sella Kataragama. 

When visiting the temple make sure you wear the Vatican dress code. The temple also has a ritual of offering a poojah with a basket of fruits like the Kataragama main shrine.