Kataragama Kiri Vehera

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Kiri Vehera is the 16th of the 16 most sacred Buddhist places in Sri Lanka hallowed by the visits of Gautama Tathagata. The stupa was built by King Mahasena the region king of the Kataragama area in 3rd-century BC. The Ghatakara stupa (pot shaped) is 95 feets high with a circumference of 280 feets. It is custom to visit and pay respect to the Kiri Vehera Stupa first by any Pilgrims of the Kataragama Shrine.

Kiri Vehera is located just about 800 meters north of the famous Kataragama Shrine, a shrine dedicated to Kataragama Deviyo. The pure white stupa built on a raised square shaped platform can be seen from a distance. Views of the stupa are stunning, and it is a must visit place if you are in the area of Kataragama. Be noted that you are expected to wear appropriately, and preferably white. There is no entrance fee. It is best to visit during the evenings when the lights are on.