Gal Oya National Park

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Gal Oya National park is the mostly untouched park in Sri Lanka. It is the main catchment area for Senanayake Samudraya, the largest reservoir in the island. The park is made of forests, shrubs, grasslands and the Senanayaka Samudraya. It is home for 32 species of mammals, 150 species of birds and butterflies. The park is an amazing wildlife safari place with two jeep tails and boat rides. If you take a boat ride, you can visit Bird’s Island, an island in the reservoir which is a nesting and breeding ground for birds. It is a must visit place in Sri Lanka.

Mammals in the park include Sri Lankan elephant, Sri Lankan axis deer, Sri Lankan sambar deer, leopards and water buffalos. Red-faced Malkoha, lesser adjutant, pelicans, herons and cormorants are resident in the Park. 

A major highlight in the park is the views of elephants swimming in the reservoir and elephants roaming in the banks of the reservoir while on boat safari. A lot of crocodiles and birds can be seen as well from boats. 

Both jeep and boat safaris create great experiences, and if you have the time experience both. It is a park with pure nature, and there are no racing jeeps like the other parks in the island. The best time to visit is between March and July.