Dematamal Viharaya

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Dematamal Viharaya is located in a truly tranquil place next to green paddy fields, surrounded by stunning mountains detached from other tourist attractions. There is a stupa built with clay bricks in the temple.

The temple is famous for providing refuge to Prince Saddathissa. After losing the great battle against his brother Gemunu (Dutugemunu) and his thirty thousand army and being unable to flee far Saddathissa came to Dematamal Viharaya to hide. 

According to Rajavaliya the chief monk Gonashanka Tissa Tehro had got two novice monks to wrap in Saddatissa yellow robes and carry away as they would carry a corpse. When Gemunu noticed this he let him free and took his mother Queen Viharamahadevi and tusker Kadol to proceed to Magama and regained the throne.