Biso Pokuna

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Located in Galabedda, about 9 kilometers away from the A4 Monaragala - Pottuvil Road, this is an ancient pond built in the 12th-century. It is believed that the warrior Queen Sugala used this pond. The square shaped pond is built with granite rocks, on the four sides it has beautifully carved dragon faces which let water in the pond. There are remains of an ancient toilet made with granite and with amazing carvings. According to the historical records Queen Sugala ruled Ruhunu Rata from the Galabedda area, and it is believed that her palace has been in the neighbourhood of the pond. Queen Sugala is an interesting female warrior in the history of Sri Lanka.

According to the Mahavamsa in the 12-century the Ruhunu Rata or Rohana Rata was ruled by the king Sri Vallabha, Sugala was the queen of Sri Vallabha. She is also a granddaughter of King Vijayabahu and an aunt for the great king Parakramabahu I from Polonnaruwa Era. After the death of King Vijayabahu buddhist monks identified that the tooth relic was not safe any more in Polonnaruwa, and brought it to Ruhuna and handed it over to Queen Sugala for protection. From the ancient times in Sri Lanka, the ruler's main duty was to protect the sacred tooth relic of Buddha. 

When the great king Parakramabahu I gained the throne in Polonnaruwa, he wanted to take control of the tooth relic. During this time Sugala lost her son Manabharana due to an illness. King Parakramabahu saw this as an opportunity to gain the tooth relic, and sent troops to Ruhuna to fight against Queen Sugala.  After years of war and many hardships King Parakramabahu’s troops were able to take Queen Sugala into custody, while she was rebelling in an area named “Kumbugama”. She was then brought to Polonnaruwa, and had been confined till her death. 

It is believed that after her death her body was mummified and kept in a rock cave in a village called Meewathpura in Polonnaruwa.