Surf in Weligama Beach

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Shallow waters of the Weligama beach makes it a great place for a novice surfer. The cove shaped beach stretches about two kilometers and there are a lot of surf camps, equipment hires and plenty of restaurants and accommodations.

There are plenty of places to rent foam, epoxy or fiber surfboards ranging from various sizes. The rents would normally cost about 300 to 500 LKRs. You can just walk in and get lessons depending on their availability, it would be about 2, 500 to 3, 500 LKRs. When renting surfboards make sure there are no damages on the boards so when returning you won't be charged for someone else’s fault. 

Early mornings are best to surf here at the first light, however from dawn to the sun set you can surf here. The beach gets quite crowded towards the afternoons. You’d also notice local fishermen stilt fishing. 

Tuk Tuks around this area won't have meters as in Colombo, keep in mind a fare rate for a kilometer is about 60 to 70 rupees. 

So again it's a great place to start surfing and with a 2 - 3 days of practise you can check out mirissa which is for a more advanced surfer.