Snake Farm

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It is a private rehab or conservation center run by an Eastern Ayurvedic doctor specialised for venomous snake bites. The snakes were caged and kept in his house, and he’d let them out on the ground for you to see. You’d also get to hold the non-venomous snakes. Out of the 100 snake species found in Sri Lanka he has about 20 species.

Sri Lanka has about 100 snake species, and nearly a half of it is endemic, and they face great danger as people would kill them if sighted for just being scared or not knowing whether they are venomous or non-venomous. There are also about 2000 deaths recorded yearly due to snake bites in Sri Lanka too. What this Ayurvedic doctor does in terms of conserving these snakes is quite amazing while every other lankan goes crazy killing them. It is debatable that the size of the cages are small and some would look at it as animal tourture, and we’ve let you decide which one it is. The prices vary depending on whether you are local or foreign, but it's good to ask upfront.

They give you a lot of information about these snakes and their types, habits, what they eat etc. You’d get an idea about how they treat a snakebite in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a good place to build awareness and see some of these rare animals.