Matara Fort

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Ramkumar R - Google

Built in the tip of the lagoon and bordered by the Nilwala River and the Indian Ocean, the Matara Fort was once a critical center for the operations of Portugese, Dutch and the British. The fort was originally built in 1595 by Portugese with the assistance of King Don Juan Dharmapala.

In 1640 when the Dutch invaded Sri Lanka they also captured the Matara Fort. They made a lot of additions to the fort. In 1761 during the ‘Matara Rebellion’ an army backed by the Kandyan King Kirthi Sri Rajashinga captured the fort. However they were not able hold power and in 1762 the Dutch recaptured the fort, and in 1796 they handed it over to British. 

A stroll along the fort will give you a glimpse of the colonial architecture, business and their preparations for wars. Check the Dutch Reformatory Church which is the oldest building in the fort, built in the 1706. 

The View from the east corner is superb. However note that this fort is not as touristy as its little brother the Galle Fort.