Wasgamuwa National Park

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Wasgamuwa is a park with one of the highest biodiversity areas in the island. Wasgamuwa is mostly famous for its large herds of wild Sri Lankan elephants. The park offers 3-hour safaris (mornings and evening) or full-day safaris. It is one of the must-see wildlife attractions in Sri Lanka.

In 1984, during the Mahaweli Development Project Wasgamuwa National Park was declared with the intention to provide refuge for the displaced wild animals. In the 1970s the area was regarded as a strict nature reserve.

The average temperature of the area is around 28C to 30C. July to September is the dry season. The park opens at 5:30 AM or 2:30 PM for safari tours. The safari tours includes, hotel pick up and drop off, bottled water, private tour, and driver of guide. It is good to check with your hotel for safari contacts or check on our listings database.


The park is regarded as one of the highest biodiverse areas in the island with more than hundred and fifty floral species recorded. It is recorded that the park has a tamarind tree which is more than 1700 years old.


Wasgamuwa the name has derived from the Sinhalese words “walas” “gamuwa”, “walasa” in Sinhala is Sloth Bear, and “gamuwa” is Wood. It is believed that there have been sloth bears in larger numbers in the area. The Sri Lankan sloth bear is a recognised subspecies of the sloth bear, with a smaller skull, much shorter body hair and lacks the white chest marks. 

The park is home to 23 mammals species, 143 bird species, 17 reptile species, 17 fish species and 50 butterfly species. There are about 150 Sri Lankan elephants in the park. The park has a number of endemic animal species. 


Endemic species of the park 




Purple-faced langur - img


Toque macaque (reddish-brown coloured monkey ) - img


Sri Lankan Leopard - img


Sri Lankan sloth bear


Small golden palm civet


Red-faced Malkoha


Sri Lanka junglefowl


Garra ceylonensis